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Snake Game

Not too good, I know! But, this is the first gam I made using HTML & JS. So, Please Do Check it out! Credits to Mission Helix, By Coding Club India! One thing Though, Remember where your snake is headed.  😜😜😜

Aurora's Poems

A while ago, I came to know about this amazing app, called Wakie (not a sponsored post, but check it out) where we can talk to some random strangers and (if we're lucky enough) become actual friends (or more 😉). I thought that most of the world is in quarantine and so I'd be able to change my attitude and make more actual friends. But, there was still a tiny problem - I'm a socially awkward person. I am an introvert and I mostly avoid any direct contact with anyone other than my closest family members and friends. So, if I had to achieve my goal, I had to be a totally different person. I tried my best to act awesome and super cool. A few people actually seemed to believe me. Others knew exactly what I was doing: I was being someone else. After almost a week of my ups and downs in using this app, I started chatting with a few people. Some of them were good to me and some weren't - it was like I was living another part of my life within this app. During one of these eve